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Main Products


PowerWall 5Kwh Home Battery

PowerWall series product is an integrated household energy storage battery system with LFP storage battery and off-grid inverter, and the storage battery part uses CBAK’s brand new A-grade LFP cells, which have CE, CB, UL, Rosh, REACH and other internationally recognized qualification certificates. The appearance of the structural components using high-quality cold-rolled steel, electrophoresis + plastic spraying process is not only beautiful but also strong corrosion resistance, to adapt to a variety of use of the environment. The integrated design of inverter and storage battery not only has better space utilization and occupies less space, but also can be directly connected to solar PV panels for charging and discharging without additional commissioning.

Who We Are

A Reliable Manufacturer Of Lithium Battery Systems

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Anhui Lead-Win Technology has gone through five years since its establishment in 2018. We have set up the first fully automatic power battery assembly line and put it into production. In the following 2 years, we have reached strategic cooperation with Dongfeng Motor (85 of World Top 500 2021 Ranking Global auto companies ranked 10th) and Tianneng Group (160 of China Top 500 2022 Ranking Global new energy companies ranked 29th) . 2020 is an extremely important year for us. After two years of rapid development, we have achieved excellent success and become strategic partners of many top intelligent unmanned driving companies in China. At the same time, we have accumulated a group of top quality suppliers in the industry, such as CBAK, GOTIION, LISHEN, SVOLT, UDAN, CN ENERGY, etc., and established a complete lithium battery industry supply chain. In 2019, with the explosive growth of the lithium battery energy storage market, Lead-Win Technology accelerated the research and development of home storage series products, founded an energy storage battery R&D team, and established the first automated energy storage battery production line. In 2020, the home energy storage series products have successively got UN38.3, CE, and CB certifications.
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    LYBESS offers competitive price discounts to distributors.

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    Long warranty and full lifecycle service.

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    Free R&D support for customers' product needs.

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Free R&D support for customers' product needs.


How Can You Cooperate With Us

Dealer cooperation

LYBESS is setting up a network of offline sales channels and is actively looking for distributors, integrators and installers in the field of residential photovoltaic energy storage systems.

We will help our customers to open up the market quickly with competitive products and prices, together with an aggressive marketing and promotion policy. At the same time, we will promote the construction of warehouses in major markets, accelerate the process of localisation of services and build up a stronger brand influence.

OEM cooperation

LYBESS is capable of providing eficient and professional OEM/ODM services based on our strong supply chain system, rich OEM experience,as well as our abundant production capacity and mature quality management system.

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Except for sample orders, all of LYBESS products are not available for retail at the moment.

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Can we contact you via whatsapp if we can't get touch with you via email ?
Except for sample orders, all of LYBESS products are not available for retail at the moment.